Foreign passports taken away from Russian civil servants

Russian officials and employees of state companies may be unable to leave Russia.

The investigation of the Sistema project showed that the management of state-owned companies is prohibited from traveling abroad, and ordinary employees, under the threat of dismissal, are forced to hand over their passports ‘for safekeeping’ to a special department.

Not only employees who had access to state secrets, but also any employees of state-owned companies in general, were subject to restrictions on their rights.

Depending on their position, they have either a direct ban on traveling outside of Russia or recommendations not to visit ‘unfriendly countries’.

The Russian system of passportization provides for the presence of two passports – internal and foreign. The internal passport of Russia is a paper analogue of the ID Card. It indicates the place of registration of a citizen, his marital status, the presence of children and military registration.
You cannot travel abroad with an internal Russian passport (*).
To do this, a foreign passport is issued, which must be changed every 5-10 years, depending on whether biometrics is included in the accounting data.
* Citizens of Russia can visit 6 countries presenting an internal Russian passport: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, South Ossetia.


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